Protecting your car warranty

A statement we hear quite often from our customers is that they would have brought their cars to us sooner, but they had to use the brand specific garages to protect the warranties on their new vehicles. This is a common misconception. For obvious reasons consumers will be drawn towards branded garages however under EU law, their vehicles are fully covered under all warranties as long as the service provided by any workshop is carried out by a qualified mechanic using the appropriate genuine replacement parts.

The incentive for consumers here comes in many forms. Firstly, the reduction in cost from using smaller independent garages should be noticeable in many circumstances. Secondly, you are able to develop a much stronger relationship with smaller local garages who rely on your business far more than larger worldwide brands (it’s always handy to have a direct line to a mechanic you know personally when you have an emergency!). Finally and most importantly for us and companies like us we are able to grow our local business to provide a far greater service for our customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about any service request, regardless of vehicle age, brand or condition. We’ll be delighted to accommodate you as best we can.


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