Mercedes Star Diagnosis – fixing a modern car

Mercedes Star Diagnosis

Fixing modern vehicles involves a lot more than a decent toolbox these days. The key for any mechanic to get to the root cause of your car problems is always about having the right tool for the job and in the case of modern Mercedes-Benz cars, that tool is the Star Diagnosis diagnostic system. Linked directly to Mercedes in Germany via the internet, this tool always our mechanics access to the most essential systems in your vehicles onboard computer. Far from being a generic tool which can assist the investigating mechanic with a general idea of what the problem is, the Star system allows our mechanics gain precision information on your car and get to the cause of your problems accurately and efficiently avoiding the vagueness and uncertainty associated with many garages. With the assistance of this necessary tool our mechanics can not only cut down on their time spent researching your issues but use it to help explain the issues to our customers and allow them a far greater understanding of their own vehicles. A wonderfully accurate system which we are proud to say we run on a genuine contract from Mercedes-Benz which has helped us gain a reputation in Dublin as a reputable and experienced independent Mercedes garage.


2 thoughts on “Mercedes Star Diagnosis – fixing a modern car

  1. Hi Seamus, Long time no see (you rebuilt the engine of my Suzuki SJ410 in the 90’s and fixed a Tipo) you got me hooked on Mercs so when I moved to the country I got one for the journey down. Glad your keeping well, are you still playing with Boo to the Goose?

    All the best,
    Shayne Mangan,
    Wild Acres,
    Co. Limerick

    PS: Line 4 ‘always’ should read as allows.

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